Joe Riggs’ UFC Return Cancelled After Shooting Himself In The Hand & Leg

MMA veteran Joe Riggs’ UFC return has been cancelled as a result of a firearm incident on Monday that sent him to the hospital

While cleaning his pistol at his home in Arizona, the gun discharged and Riggs was shot in the hand and upper thigh.

He was scheduled to face Paolo Thiago at UFC Fight Night 51 from Brazil on September 13th, his first UFC fight since 2006.

Here’s UFC’s official statement:

“We were made aware that newly-signed UFC competitor Joe Riggs was involved in an unfortunate accident last night. While cleaning his permitted firearm (a pistol), the gun discharged, injuring his hand and upper thigh. Riggs was transported to a nearby hospital in Arizona where he is being treated by physicians. We wish Joe a speedy recovery.”

  • LACenaFan

    That’s sad. I hope he gets better. Why does he have a pistol though?

    • Bill Inaz

      We all have pistols…that’s not the issue. Cleaning loaded ones though is really stupid.

    • juggnuttz .

      gun ownership by a law abiding citizen should never be an issue or question. Proper education of gun safety should. I am not worried about why he had a gun… I am worried about why he did not properly handle one…..

  • Mr 561

    Waiting for the Plaxico jokes…

    • Undertaker316

      -Q: Did you hear about the new Plaxico Burress cocktail?
      A: Just one very expensive shot
      -Q: Why did Plaxico Burress shoot himself?
      A: It was the first time all year he managed to find his way around a safety and he just got too excited!
      -Q: Why shouldn’t the New York Giants send Plaxico home packing?
      A: He already is!
      -Q: What did Plaxico Burress say when Antonio Pierce asked to go clubbing?
      A: “Only if I can ride shotgun!”
      -Q: Why is Tom Coughlin (Giants Head Coach) glad Plaxico shot himself in the leg?
      A: It was the first time he shot off something other than his mouth!
      -Q: Why is Plaxico’s wife for gun control?
      A: Gun Control is not about guns; it’s about control!
      -Q: Why did Plaxico shoot himself in the leg?
      A: He was honoring the anniversary of Sean Taylor getting shot in the leg.

  • Leather Face

    He forgot to see if it was loaded? Doesn’t make sense.

    • Mr 561

      It’s called an accident!

      • Leather Face

        Indeed it is. However as a gun owner myself, if you are too stupid to make sure your piece is unloaded before attempting to clean it then he deserves what he got. Not being harsh. Just saying that gun ownership is not a joke, sir.

        • juggnuttz .

          First thing i was taught, and first thing i always teach to anyone new to guns, ALWAYS make sure it is unloaded…. i dont care if a person checked it and then handed it to you, ALWAYS make sure yourself that it is unloaded….. these are the kinds of stories that give gun owners a bad name.

  • Stefk

    How stupid can you be to shoot youself

  • omega riddler

    He was cleaning is gun while it was loaded? he deserved to end up in the hospital.

  • Bill Inaz

    Pro tip.. Never clean a loaded gun.

  • brad

    Suxx for him.

  • Poodle kick Bot

    hahahahahahahahahahah…. wow

  • Pozessed

    Apart from looking like Cheddar Bob from 8 mile he also shot himself like Cheddar Bob from 8 mile