Joe Rogan Gives Thoughts On Arlovski and Nelson Stand Up

UFC commentator Joe Rogan gives his thoughts on the horrible stand up during round one of the Andrei Arlovski and Roy Nelson heavyweight tilt on Saturday Night at EliteXC: Heat on CBS. Nelson was working hard for a kimura and out of no where the ref stood the fighters up:

From The Underground(

“I honestly think we shouldn't have them at all. You get a stand up if you can survive the round and make it to the next. If a guy can force you to stand up with him by avoiding the take downs, a guy should be able to force you to fight on the ground by holding you down. It's mixed martial arts, and that's a part of the game. I think these stand ups are incredibly unfair for grapplers. Like I'm quoted earlier in this thread, 5 minutes isn't that long a time.

If a guy can hold you down and give you nuggies for 5 minutes, that's life.

If a fighter is boring they won't be popular, and that lack of popularity will affect the way they're paid.

I think that's what should motivate fighters to be active, not a referee stand up.”


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