Joe Stevenson Says Spencer Fisher Was Slippery At UFC 104

Joe Stevenson talks about his bout with Spencer Fisher this past weekend at UFC 104 and says that something didn't seem right when he was going for takedowns:

“Honestly, I though (the UFC) forced him to take the fight. Stylistically, I was like `Really? Dude, are you serious? Alright, happy birthday!’ I executed a lot of things right, but I felt like I couldn’t get the takedown and I was making excuses, `Man he feels slippery, he feels oiled up’ and I felt like he was. But why even say anything like that, that’s my fault for even taking it there. Yeah, he definitely put some lotion on this morning or last night took a bath. Something was different about him, maybe he had a lot of garlic though, that can make you slippery as well. Or it could just be in my head, that’s why I [just] need to improve myself.”

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