Johny Hendricks: If You Can’t Handle Being Champ, Give it Up

Johny Hendricks felt he did enough to walk away champion at UFC 167 but the judges thought otherwise and awarded the fight to the reigning champion Georges St. Pierre. Following the fight, St. Pierre told Joe Rogan that he needed to take some time away from the sport, meaning Hendricks may not get a rematch.

For Hendricks, this isn’t acceptable and he spoke to AXS TV about it this week:

“Dude I’ve got three kids. You know what I’m saying? Talk about sleep? Are you kidding me? Everybody’s got problems in life. That’s the way it is. If you can’t handle being champion, give it up. We chose to get into that octagon, we chose not to sleep. I don’t know how many times I’ve went to bed at five, six o’clock in the morning and woke up at 10, running four miles because I wanted to beat GSP that bad. Dude, who cares. I chose this life. Tell yourself whatever you need to. Just get back in that octagon with me. I can’t wait for the rematch.”

  • Brandon Nolley

    “If you can’t finish the champ, shut up”

  • Stephen Thayer

    Serra? Lmao

  • Bruised Scarred Ferrer

    Gsp clearly won and uncle dana admitted that after he rewatched the fight he said “gsp clearly won” nuff said

  • Jaime Alvizo

    STFU and wait since you couldn’t put it away!!! I can’t wait either lol

  • Stephen Thayer

    Someones a lil gsp butthurt keyboard warrior lol

  • Ricky Flores

    Bah u lost end of it

  • Bruised Scarred Ferrer

    Stop crying hendricks, be a man take that you lose to gsp. Im losing respect from hendricks each and every single day.

  • Jacob Lumbreras

    Yes he did chose this life, but if he chooses to step away it’s his choice. It doesn’t matter when his last finish was. He’s the champ and had 14 title defenses. When you fight the second best guy in the division 14 times and win 13, you deserve more respect than what GSP has been given.

  • Ethan Singer

    i like j hendricks, but his gloating BEFORE the results were read, his inability to put together a cohesive 5th round, AND his anger at gsp, when it was the judges who gave out the score… is disrespectful, misguided, and shows his immaturity. imo

  • Mario Gonzales

    damn nobody can let this shit go. he lost, the rematch will happen. end of story

  • Josh Wright

    you left it up to the judges couldnt finish a man that had ten years on you so shut the fuck up johny you didnt win that fight even if you think you did you shoulda left no doubt and no im not a big fan of gsp either but he is the champ

  • Mike Hampton

    Joe Fazio you Friends with Louis Landolf

  • Kevin Webb

    Man! Shut the hell up already Hendricks! You lost, get over it. You want the belt, beat him! Dont leave it to the judge’s. GSP!!

  • Dustin Pulliam

    Can’t handle being the champ?.. he has handled it fine for a long long time

  • Raymond Alcala

    Easy to say from someone who never held the belt

  • Gabriel Zuniga

    Leaving it to the judges, than claim to only use 70% of your power, champs always give 110%…you don’t deserve to be champ!!!

  • Junior Nolin

    Why even interview him anymore,he’s a broken record!!

  • Raun Smith

    Still CRYING.

  • Justin Roane

    Is this dude wasted drunk 24/7?? He ain’t make sense.

  • Steven Murphy

    This was NOT as close of a fight as GSP haters and Hendricks fanboys are making it out to be. PLUS, you really want this cry baby as your champion? Says a lot about Johnny and his fans. GSP owes nothing to this whiney cry baby ass loser.

  • Kerry Maxwell

    I see Uncle Dana got into his head with the “He deserves another shot” talk. The truth of the matter is that this fight was very close. The point system of MMA can be complicated for the people who aren’t “die hards” of the sport. Hendricks made a promise before the fight that if he connects with GSP, it would be the end of the fight. He connected, MULTIPLE times, and didn’t finish him. If he wanted to leave no shadow of a doubt, he would have finished him. I don’t think this is the end of GSP, and I do believe Hendricks CAN finish the champ, but he didn’t. He claimed to have only used 70% power during the fight. What kind of “champ” would that make him anyway? You can all bash the lay n pray style of GSP if you’d like, but he puts 100% into every fight. He’s a point fighter, if he’s so boring and as strong as some of you like to think, why is he champion for so long?? This Hendricks/GSP argument is nonsense.

  • Mike Hampton

    Sorry wrong Joe

  • Simon Hilton

    If you can’t handle the fact you lost then give it up….

  • Hbk Cortese

    Enough already! Lets move on

  • Shane Hamilton

    Biggest cry baby

  • Aric Anderson

    This guy better learn to be Humble..I am Dissapointed in his actions and words after the fight and this week…anyone else?

  • Brent Guillory

    Lame old bullshit…this drama site is done, no room for goddamn drama…

  • Susan Lamb Forster

    Just like Dana White ALWAYS says…. Do Not Leave it up to the Judges decision.

  • Brent Guillory

    Unliked…fuckin drama tools carrying on old fuckin news…

  • Mike Hodgkinson

    Johny if you can’t beat the champ to become the champ give it up

  • Dale Collinson

    Simon Hilton stop sucking GSP’s root

  • Simon Hilton

    Dale Collinson lay off licking windows you be chewin Hendricks beard too long

  • Tyler Aucoin

    Sports becomming a joke real quick… Boxing is comming back

  • Dale Collinson

    Simon Hilton I couldn’t give a rats arse about this circus act but it must be eating away at you that your idol took a massive beating. #GSPsbumboy

  • Simon Hilton

    Dale Collinson it’s not my fault that your amoeba size brain sees only a future in tongue window cleaning and resents those who’s intellect is far superior that you attempt to fire sphincter smelling rhetoric insults to all and sundry…. Be quiet in the cheap seats! Get some

  • Dale Collinson

    Simon Hilton if you had an ounce of intellectual superiority over me you wouldn’t entertain this garbage, simples. GR

  • Dale Collinson

    GET SOME!!!

  • Brandon Nolley

    The man who spells “you’re’ with “ur” is calling someone an idiot lulz

  • Aleksander D. Øttokar

    all I heard Hendricks say was: ,,Meow, meow , meow, meow”

  • Dustin Sowell

    Hendricks needs to quit being a cry baby and figure out what’s next.

  • Dwayne Hamm

    GSP won’t lose this rematch in a million years. Hendricks crapped the bed and missed his 3 months of holding the belt.

  • Randy Green

    What a douche Hendricks is I can tell he’s gonna whine and cry for the next cpl decades…YOU LOST!!!!!! You will.never be the champ stop crying like a bitch. You will never know the kind of stress a true champ is under …go home already

  • Adam Provens

    What a big baby it’s done and over with you lost quit crying.

  • David Lee Perez

    Sick of hearing of this guy already talking too much likes talk about himself and he has become a sore loser. He has much to blame then anyone saying he wasn’t trying to KO George only throwing @ 70% power which makes no sense maybe you should n’t have let it go to judges and try to finish GSP like you said you were gonna do before the fight. I don’t even know why they even ask him the question about George personal life because the guy turns around and talks about himself he is mouth piece that has become annoying and seems like fans are starting to turn against him for the extra crap that comes out of mouth. Smh…

  • Charles Mickael

    Give it up? This coming from a guy with ZERO titles in UFC..

  • Edward Smith

    That is right Brandon. He MAY have done enough to win a decision but if you want to be the Champ he has to finish the Champ.

  • Anthony Barela

    Carlos Condit beats the shit out of this guy in a five round fight. Tired of his fucking whining already. He lost three rounds to two rounds. Own it already.

  • Joona Goona

    Ufc is dirty hendricks was robbed gaysp got battered every round he couldnt do shit.

  • Bob Brazee

    Fuck Hendrix with wooden dildo

  • sawbuck

    years ago, Billy Conn got knocked out by Joe Louis in the 13th round, while well ahead on the cards. Later, he said to Louis, something to the effect of, “If i would’ve won, I could have held the title for a few months, had some defenses, and then a big money rematch with you”. Louis replied “You couldn’t hold the title for 13 rounds, what makes you think you could hold it for a few months”.

    Hendricks needs to let it rest. He had his shot. Came up short. GSP won, and that’s why he’s the champ.