Johny Hendricks Suffers 2nd Degree Burns During Promo Filming

During the filming for the UFC 167 promo, UFC welterweight title contender Johny Hendricks suffered second degree burns on his neck according to his manager Ted Ehrhardt who spoke with regarding the incident. The injury occurred after lights were placed too close to Hendricks back.

Ehrhardt went on to say that Hendricks attempted to return to training two days later but the pain and discomfort prevented him from staying active. A trip to the doctor and a prescription for a healing ointment, Hendricks was able to return to training and will still be in the cage for his bout against Georges St. Pierre at UFC 167.

Below is a picture of the burns:


  • TeaDea

    George W Bush’s Fault

  • Patrick Mehan

    Jesus. There lucky it wasn’t worse than that. Need to be more careful with the pyro. Get Kiss to show you how it’s done or something jeez.

  • Nick McShane


  • Jeffrey Jackson

    Thanks OBAMA!

  • Cel Layne

    Dayum! That’s all he needs

  • Dwayne McAlister

    whats next???

  • Joshua Rogers

    He is ducking GSP.

  • Johnny Gutierrez

    Gsp set it up so he don’t get ko’d

  • Jason Stevens

    That sucks !! Looking forward to seeing GSP getting KO’d

  • Mike DeRose

    I saw Georges St-Pierre move the lights closer to Johny Hendricks

  • Mark Rangel

    They did em like micheal jackson, the flames caught his beard

  • Aric Anderson

    how the hell can he fight in 2 weeks…no way

  • Jon Mattingly

    we don’t need pryo technics for a fucking promo..

  • Stephen Solis

    Now that a fire has been lit under hendrix’s ass he will kick gsp’s ass hopefully

  • Johnny Gutierrez

    Dustin Hauser u prob lick gsp’s jock strap after he takes it off