Jon Fitch: To me, There's No Reason To Fight A Teammate

It's been well documented in the MMA media that American Kickboxing Academy fighter's such a Jon Fitch, Josh Koscheck, and Mike Swick arn't too keen on fighting each other in the UFC and now Jon Fitch has gone so far as to say he'll move up to the 185lb. class if Koscheck is to win the 170lb. title in December against Georges St. Pierre:

“To me there's no reason to fight a teammate. It's just not a fight we're interested in at all. It's a situation where, if Koscheck is able to win the belt and defend the belt, I will move up to 185. I think I have a good size frame. I can put on 15 pounds. I may have to take a month off or so to put on some weight, but that process may take over a year from now. I'll have fought every welterweight worth fighting by then. [If Georges wins] I'll be waiting on the front doorsteps with flowers [for a title shot].”

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