Video: Jon Jones & Daniel Cormier Brawl At UFC 178 Media Event

UPDATE: The official YouTube channel of the UFC added the above video of the Jones-Cormier brawl, which shows a more clear camera-angle of the wild scuffle.

Jon Jones & Daniel Cormier got into a huge brawl on Monday in the lobby of the MGM Grand hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada. During a press event to hype their upcoming title fight at UFC 178 on September 27th, things got physical after both men went face to face for the cameras.

Check out this video of Jon Jones & Daniel Cormier brawling from the UFC 178 press event:

Jones and Cormier were quick to tweet about the incident, talking more trash about each other:

Cormier responded:

Dana White also chimed in, noting that he was on a flight when the brawl took place:

Jones also took to Instagram to post a video of his reaction to the scuffle. You can check that out below.

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  • WCWJobber

    Now this is how you hype up a fight !


    Bones is going to get his bone’s broken this fight.

  • raven

    Jones is the golden age of MMA.


      Bones going to get a pine box to put his bones in.

      • raven

        bet ya some skittles on it. Jones wins in round 3

        • ROFLMAO

          Skittles your on lol, cormier in round 1 KO.

    • Chris_Is_Awesome

      and a hypocrite

  • WWEFansAreSheepV2

    This was as staged as pro wrestling.


      Exactly all hype , like all things before something big.

      • Pozessed

        Major, if it was real one of them would sue the guy and probably the company for millions.

    • brad

      No doubt but it adds that extra factor into play, it really makes you think that these guy hate each other.

  • omega riddler

    it looks like jon jones is letting the fame get to his head, now i just want to see his face broken

  • rudy

    Ah Dana you are finally learning from the genius of Vincent Kennedy McMahon.

  • Steve Williams

    jon jones please die

  • KingofHarts

    Was I the only one who caught Cormier throwing a fucking shoe from afar??? WTF

  • hippo4214

    It will be interesting if DC can beat Jones, but i’m hoping its Gustafson who dethrones him.

  • hippo4214

    Also Jon Jones is acting like an ape here. I can’t wait to see him loose.

  • Notadumbfucklikeyou

    You’re all stupid fucks.

  • Forceton Banfodder

    Take your clothes off! mmmm

  • Tony Slicer

    who was that security guard punching? lol

  • eight_track

    lol that is such a work
    but kudos for being able to hype a fight well