Jon Jones Talks DQ Loss To Matt Hamill At TUF Finale


“Well, you know, situations like this can only make you better. A lot of the best fighters in the world, they all have losses and I just want to be one of the best fighters. I don't have too much to celebrate about but I'll come back stronger. I think everything's about destiny and whoever (Joe Silva) wants me to fight I'll be ready for. I don't call out anyone. I didn't win that fight. I did something illegal. Maybe that's my youth and inexperience. I messed up and I didn't win. If I was smarter I would have thrown elbows more correctly so I gotta go back to the drawing board. There was no warning, (the referee) didn't warn me at all. I think I hit him 15 times unanswered, maybe even more than that. People should go count. I don't feel like I won. I lost. Now I have no pressure because I'm not undefeated!”

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