Jorge Rivera Looks To Please Crowd, Win Bonus At UFC 104

UFC Middleweight Jorge Rivera Talks to Yahoo about his bout this weekend:

“Basically, it’s just like the movie, `The Gladiator.’ You have to win the crowd. Win that crowd. When you’re around this for a while, you understand the other aspects of it, too. We’re not here just to lay on someone or run away from someone and eke out a victory. People are coming out and they’re paying a lot of money and they’re looking to be entertained. We have to do our jobs and fulfill our end of the deal. Part of that is putting on entertaining fights and making people want to see you. And if they don’t know who you are when the fight starts, to make them say, `I have to see this guy again.’ … I don’t see the fight going to the third round, but if it somehow does, you’ll know it has been a brawl. If I catch him well, he’s going to want to take it to the ground. But if he catches me well, I’m not going to take it to the ground. I’m going to stand in front of him and throw punches until either I fall flat on my face or he does. Fight of the Night, that’s what I’m talking about. That kind of money, that means a lot to guys like us. If we can put on the show I want, that’s the most important thing. And if we can sneak out of there with that bonus, man, it can’t get much better.”

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