Josh Koscheck Confirms Diego Sanchez Bout For UFC 69

The following is a new blog from Josh Koscheck's official MySpace page:

2007 is here and you have to love the internet now days, shit why even pick up the news paper anymore? It’s only going to feed you a bunch of bull shit that no one really cares about. So let’s get to the point! Two days ago my fight on April 7th at UFC 69 in Houston, TX was on the down low and now every Tom, Dick and Harry has reports of a KOSCHECK vs. Diego Sanchez!!!! Could this really happen?? KOSCHECK vs. Sanchez

There are a lot of reports this week that KOSCHECK vs. Diego Sanchez for UFC 69, so lets just clear some things up. First off, I’ve been asking the UFC to set this fight up for over a year now and every time it got put on the back burner for “the thing to do list.” Not a big deal, from my eyes just keep training and winning fights by all means. So two years from TUF season #1 in all my fights i've never had any real good reasons to fight any of my opponents and now I have a big reason to fight!!!

It's time to have some fun And keep training for another win!!! But this fight could be the biggest fight of my career!?!?!?

WELL WELL WELL, Just to clear a bunch of reports: YES, it’s on UFC 69 Houston; TX there will be a KOSCHECK vs. Diego Sanchez. I hope you kids on the forums have some fun talking about KOSCHECK vs. Sanchez because yes it’s on UFC 69 and yes, you’ll tune in because you either really hate me or love me with nothing in between!!!

Public Enemy No.1!!!