Josh Koscheck Explains Racist Matt Hughes Comments

In a recent interview, top UFC Welterweight Josh Koscheck made some controversial comments about fellow 170 pounder Matt Hughes. The quote is from an interview over at where he says “[Matt Hughes] has no speed or athletic ability because he's white.”

Koscheck riled up some people with the statement which prompted him to respond to the controversy on his official website,

“Racist” Comment

Aug 21, 2007

It is impossible for ME (KOS) to be racist against white people when Im half white and half black, not to mention that the most important people in my life are my grand parents who are 100 percent white.

Now the rest of my family is white also, my mother, brother and sisters are all white, and last but not least my girlfriend is white, I know for a fact that I loves both races and I do not look at people by color, Im a educated human being who happens to be a ultimate fighter, so for you folks that are trying create a situation that does not exist find something better to do!!!

Thank You

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