Josh Koscheck Sends “Huge Text” To Dana White, May Retire

Long time UFC contender Josh Koscheck suffered a knockout loss to Tyron Woodley at UFC 167 and following the fight, the TUF 1 participant sent UFC President Dana White a long winded text that according to the boss, may have been a retirement.

White talked about it during the post fight press conference.

“Josh sent me a huge text and his text sounded a little bit like retirement, which I don’t ever mess with guys when they’re talking about retirement. But it might be a little premature for Josh,” said White. “I think Josh is still one of the most talented guys out there. He fought a beast who was ready to go tonight and Josh hurt him tonight. Josh hurt him.”

“The thing about retirement…this isn’t baseball…this is fighting. This is where you go in against guys who are mean, nasty, and hungry. If retiring even crosses your mind, you should retire.”

“I’ve got to talk to him and see if that was a retirement that he was sending me.”

White also complimented and praised Koscheck’s fighting style and what he brings to the promotion:

I love Koscheck. I love that kid. I love the way he fights. I love his attitude. The guy gets booed out of the arena every time he comes in, but he still goes in and fights his ass off, and he’s a tough kid. When you’re standing in the Octagon, and you’re looking across, and Josh is standing there you know you’re in for a tough fight.

  • James Hagan

    I’d be more than ok with never seeing him again. Between his gay hair, painted toenails, and huge ego, let him just go away. The guys a complete douchebag.

  • Justin Whittaker

    he had a great run

  • Maurício de Souza

    Tomou um belo nocaute, biro-biro! HAUHUAUHAHUAHUAHUAHUA

  • Anthony Johnson

    Good he needs to retire. Biggest faker in all of MMA. Good riddance, had a lot of talent and wasted it on drama instead of focus

  • Enrique Arellano

    Damn, if he does retire thanks for everything Kos.

  • Mike Berry II

    I hope he does!

  • Corey Jabro

    Bout time.

  • William Bryan

    Good he had a terrible showing and with his ego he’s probably butt hurt and wants to retire. Just as bad as crying to his mommy.

  • Corey Markham

    Considering he dropped his last three fights in a row, and four of six, I’d say he’s beating Dana to the punch before he gets let go. A little uneasy to hear Dana sing his praises…The dude brought “the flop” to MMA.

  • Brad Hushour

    Josh may be an asshole but he is a smart fighter. Just hit his hump already and it’s time for him to enjoy his life. Much respect for him and his career.

  • James Villeneuve

    2nd biggest goof in the UFC..#1 Being Sonnen…

  • Dave Shpak

    Dana Never messes with a guy who wants to retire. What a hypocrite

  • Dwayne McAlister

    If Dana really thinks you should retire if your thinking about it, then why won’t he get off GSP’s back?

  • Daniel Moya

    He didn’t look like the same kos of old he would of spanked twood back in his good days but mma is a sport of u gotta go in there n get wat u want he looked sluggish n not determined

  • Melvin Lopez

    He can’t retire just yet…he still have a lot left in him..

  • Oscar Jose Guerrero

    He’s shot who cares

  • Dario Farrugia

    Derek McNealy

  • Rudy Bentancourt

    Sounds like he is lacking the fire, I didn’t get to see the fights, but losing 3 in a row, especially to Lawler.. Hmm, he might just be done.. Lawler has changed alot though, he use to be like Leban, not anymore..

  • Jaycer Canlas

    how HUGE is that text??? lol

  • Kevin C. Spangler

    He should fight Leben first. One last grudge match.

  • Jay Hagan

    Good. He’s been an asshole since day 1.

  • Mike DeRose

    Long overdue.

  • Clint Van Holman

    I hope he doesn’t, just because I wanna see what happened to him at ufc 167 happen again. And Again. And Again.

  • Brent Guillory

    Old news drama queens lol

  • Mike Tweedy

    Asshole or not, he was a tough SOB. In his prime he would’ve schooled that boy. If he’s done, then congrats on a great career. Go enjoy it

  • Tyler Reed

    Good, leave……

  • Cassandra Lynn

    One of my favorite fighters!! Lovve him!!

  • Andrew Losaw

    About time he retired washed up

  • Cory Richardson

    Its great to see fighters change styles or approaches during their career, but I would like to see him try his wrestling full on one more fight at least. The guy has one of the best shots in MMA even still, why box so much?

  • Oh When

    ufc wont be the same without kos

  • Laura Bautista


  • Jon

    Ok First GSP is a current champion hence why Dana won’t let him retire . As for kos mma takes a tremendous amount out of your body and I’m willing to bet all the people making negitive comments have never done mma so until you do stfu I’m an mma fighter I know what they go through

  • Anthony S. Garrone

    I think Josh should take a vacation then come back and see if he can still fight.