Josh Neer Says He Wants To Fight People Who Don't Hit And Run

While speaking to Fight Hype:

“I’m expecting a tough fight. He’s well-rounded a lot like I am, but I think he’s more like a Jiu Jitsu guy more than a standup guy. I think he will stand a little bit to set up his shots to take me down. I think it has the potential to [be fight of the night]. I think this fight could be over in the first round. That’s my plan, to end it in the first round! I’m prepared for anything that he has to offer, but I would prefer to keep it standing. I’m so sick of fighting guys that want to hit and run. I want to fight guys that want to stand and bang, but they don’t want to stand and bang. They want to stand and run. I want to fight someone that wants to fight and not someone that just wants to hit me and run. We’ll see if he sticks to his word because he’s been saying that he’s going to stand and bang with me, so we’ll see if he sticks to that.”