Juanito Ibarra Speaks On Accusations, Rampage Relationship

From SI.com:

SI.com: Speaking with people in his camp, and hearing what Tito Ortiz said about the cost of a camp and money being taken, there are questions about whether you overcharged Jackson, or took money from him. Are you denying those allegations?

Ibarra: I've never done anything I wasn't asked to do, and that's it. I would never take anything from anybody without them giving it to me. Never.

SI.com: Why do you believe your relationship with Quinton fell apart?

Ibarra: I don't know. It's a mystery. If I had the hours to sit down with him, it would be great. I never had that opportunity. He's doing other things, and God bless him. Hopefully I helped him in his life, in his career, and so be it. I have to move on.

SI.com: Have you attempted to talk to Rampage?

Ibarra: Of course I did.

SI.com: So he has not talked to you then?

Ibarra: If he and I could have spoken, I wish he would accept me and sit down with me. But, you know, people around him — his advisors, etc. — said that that wasn't going to happen.


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