Keith Jardine Says The UFC May Not Want Him To Be Champ

From The Las Vegas Sun:

“There’s a big difference between a win and a loss in the UFC. I’m making a comfortable living right now, but I’m definitely fighting for my livelihood…. I’m kind of like the blue-collar UFC fighter. I’m working my way in through the back door. I haven’t been fed any (soft) opponents. I didn’t win the reality show. I’m just making my own way. I haven’t been mass marketed to anybody. That’s the thing. The marketing machine hasn’t really gotten behind me. I’m fine with it, but I just think that the Forrest Griffins and those guys, they’d rather have those guys have the title than me. They kind of let me go my own way a bit because I’m not out there craving attention and I’m not out there hamming it up for the fans. I’m not being like Brock Lesnar after the fight (at UFC 100). That was embarrassing. I’m not that guy. I never will be. I’ll always be humble and be mean when it counts. I come from a real hard-working background and I don’t think my Dad would think very well of me if I were out there making an ass of myself. I’m just going to be myself and hopefully people will appreciate that. When I have the title, hopefully I will have a lot of fans because of the way I am.”