Ken Shamrock: I've Got Enough To Beat This Guy

Ken Shamrock was a guest on PWB Podcast Live and had quite a few interesting things to say regarding his upcoming fight with Kimbo Slice and many other topics. You can listen to the show by clicking HERE.

Some tidbits from the show include:

On the “story” behind the fight: “…You’ve got a veteran fighter, obviously at the end of his career…my best, strong days are behind me, but I’ve got enough to beat this guy. So, I’m looking forward to getting into this and exposing him for what he is. He’s a big, strong guy, and in the future, he could be something. But again, people are billing him as `the MMA,’ and he’s not. There’s so many other guys out there that are so more well-rounded in that heavyweight class, that for him to get all this recognition is just unfair to them. And it’s not that Kimbo’s doing anything wrong, I mean, he’s a guy that’s taking what’s given to him, you know, and if I was in his situation, I’d be taking all that I could get, too.”

On Kimbo Slice’s power: “I dunno man, maybe it’s just being ignorant and being hard-headed, because that’s the kind of person that I am, I’m very stubborn, but I call it like I see it, and I don’t see the guy having power. I see he generates a lot of power for a big guy, but I just don’t see it. I saw a lot of the guys he’s knocked out but he usually knocked them out when they were tired…I see a guy that’s just a big dude, that punches and has got some power, but he’s not like Mike Tyson.”

On Kimbo Slice’s weight advantage: “If you’re big and strong and you can’t move, it’s a disadvantage in this sport because there’s so many ways to attack a person. There’s jabs, there’s quick punches, there’s in-and-out, there’s leg kicks, there’s clinches and sweeps, there’s all kind of things. If you’re big and strong, it’s only gonna last a short time. You’re gonna be able to try and control a guy a short time, but eventually, the quickness is gonna get ya.”

For the full interview, including more of Shamrock’s thoughts on Kimbo, a fight with his brother Frank Shamrock, his fight with “Buzz” Berry and Brock Lesnar check out, or search “pwb podcast” on ITunes and subscribe today.


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