Ken Shamrock Talks Kimbo And Angle Plus More

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“The World's Most Dangerous Man,” Ken Shamrock was the guest on the most recent edition of PWB's Official Podcast Hotline with Lex and Ian, located at In an unfiltered interview, Shamrock addressed several topics:

On a potential bout with Kimbo Slice:

“You know, it's funny. People ask me, 'what, are you crazy, you'd fight him?' And it's like, listen, 'once a warrior, always a warrior.' I don't care if I was in a wheelchair, if somebody asked me to fight, wanted me to fight somebody, I'd fight him, that's just my heart, that's just who I am. And whether I think that I've got a chance or not, what being in a wheelchair I'd still fight them. But I believe that Kimbo is very beatable, you know I'm not just saying that because there's an opportunity there. You know what, the guy's young, he's big, he's strong, he's had some success, but anybody that is a veteran in this sport understands that unless you have a lot of time in the ring, that you do not, and you have not been tested completely on what you're about, and I believe Kimbo has not been tested, and I believe that I have the ability to test him and his weaknesses.”

On Kurt Angle's claim that the money wasn't right for a Shamrock/Angle fight in the IFL:

“Well it's just like when I went from MMA into the WWF world. I took less money when I first came in because it wasn't my world and I had to earn after a year and a half, I had to earn that money and for them to be able to pay me the money that the rest of the stars that were there were making because I was worth it. But I had to earn my stripes, even I was good at fighting, I still had to go in the world of professional wrestling and I had to earn my stripes there and it took me a year and a half to do that and I did it. Now, Kurt Angle is coming into a industry where it's real fighting, coming from the entertainment world, and he wants pay like me, like Tito Ortiz, like Randy Couture, like Chuck Liddell. He wants all the pay like that when in fact he hasn't earned that right to get that money, because obviously he has a name but he's coming into this industry unproven. And so therefore there's no reason for him to get that kind of money, not right off the bat. Now he wins a couple of fights and boom, he gets his payday…For him to come over here and want to get paid more than what the top guys get paid here, that's just ludicrous.”

On the possibility of facing his brother, Frank Shamrock:

“Oh, I think it's very possible. You know, my brother for a very long time has always talked about doing it and then when it was time to do it he backed out. But, I believe that now he believes that I'm a older and I've got a lot of injuries, you know, he's seen my last couple of fights, fighting through injuries, he believes now that he can beat me. So I believe that he'll take the fight with that in his mind, thinking that he can beat me. But the one thing most people forget about is about is pride, and that's one thing that I got a lot of.”

On his upcoming match against Robert Berry at Cage Rage 25 in England:

“You train to go in and fight and you take a guy's weakness and strength and you know what they are, and you find your strategy around that. But I do know this: Robert Berry comes out to fight and you know what, he doesn't want it to go to the second round, so he wants to finish it in the first, so he's a very aggressive fighter. So it should be interesting, it won't be boring, I can guarantee you that.”

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