Ken Shamrock To Open A New Fighter House In Reno, NV


Heather Foreman sent along the following:

Reno, NV. – January 13th, 2009 – Ken Shamrock will be opening a new Fighter House in Reno Nevada with the help of Joe Lavallee and Mengus Ministries, a Christian based outreach program for fighters. They have joined together to keep Ken Shamrock’s time honored Fight House tradition alive. Lavellee has donated a 2,000 square foot home to benefit local mixed martial arts fighters that possess the heart and determination to become Champions under the leadership of Ken Shamrock.

Lavallee has served as a wrestling coach and mentor to many A-list athletes over the past decade. His experience and credentials rightfully earned him a position at Ken Shamrock’s Lion’s Den in Reno, coaching the Lion’s Den Elite Fight Team. Lavellee felt that donating the home for Shamrock’s cause was the perfect opportunity to give back to the sport.

Lavallee had this to say, “I truly feel blessed that I am able to give back to the sport that I love by opening this home to skilled fighters that would like nothing more than to become champions and use that success to impact MMA in a positive way.”

Levellee felt that Mengus Ministries would add value to the Fight House and all that it stands for. The organization runs a Christian based outreach program for local fighters. When approached, they did not hesitate to offer their assistance. The Ministry will handle all of the administrative tasks associated with running the house.

In the 1990’s young athletes flooded to Lodi, California in hopes of gaining entrance into Shamrock’s first Fight House, aspiring to learn what it takes to be a true warrior. In mid-January history will once again repeat itself. Ken will open the doors of the 2,000 sq. foot 3 bedroom, 2 bath; fully furnished fighter house, to a select group of men who have the heart, desire, and physical ability to learn what he has to teach them. The house will serve as a place for these fighters to eat, sleep and breathe training.

“I am really excited about the new Fighter House. It is a place where fighters can truly focus on improving their skills both mentally and physically. I am looking forward to pushing these guys to the limit and watching them make tremendous gains that will help take their fight careers to the next level.” states Lion’s Den and Fighter House Founder Ken Shamrock.

In the past fighters had to endure a grueling eight hour tryout session to gain entrance into the Fighter House. In 2009, the only way a fighter can reside in the house is by receiving a personal invitation from Ken Shamrock himself. Though times have changed and the protocol has evolved over the years, Shamrock will still personally train with members of the house, as it his mission to turn each fighter into a Champion.


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