King Of The Cage #22 Brawl In The Mall 3 Weigh-Ins

Mike Muise from King of the Cage sent along the following:

Hey, its Mike from King of the Cage Canada, I have the official results from weigh ins April 3rd, for the event on April 4th in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada:

-Luc Desautels 284.4 lbs VS Jason Cecil 221.6 lbs
-Trent Thorne 233 lbs VS Allen Hope 216 lbs
-Spencer Rohovie 154.6 lbs VS Ryan Knysh 149.6 lbs
-Chris Conlin 155.8 lbs VS Dave Henry 154.4 lbs
-Lino Santoro 203 lbs VS Aaron Gallant 190.6 lbs
-Mike Richardson 143.2 lbs VS Corey Knapp 145.2 lbs
-Kris Kucher 168.4 lbs VS Nick Coloumbe 169 lbs
-Jason Volpe 184.4 lbs VS Jarid Bussemakers 182.4 lbs
-Nick Denis 144 lbs VS Josh Gallant 145.4 lbs
-Tim Hague 265 lbs VS Jared Kilkenny 250.4 lbs
-Travis Galbraith 204.4 lbs VS Nick Hinchliffe 204.2 lbs

Mike Muise
King of the Cage Canada

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