KJ Noons Talks Nick Diaz: Great Fighter, But He's An Idiot

Former Elite XC light weight champion, KJ Noons talks to Sherdog.com about Nick Diaz, the man he beat to win that title:

“[A Nick Diaz rematch is] definitely in the mix. That's something I want to do, he wants to do it and Strikeforce wants to do it. It's just a matter of making it happen. The whole Nick Diaz thing, he's a great fighter. You look at everything since he first fought (and) I never took away that he's a good fighter. I just said he's an idiot. I don't like his personality. He's a good fighter. As a person, he's a dumb motherf—– … I'm taking nothing away from him. As a person I just don't like him. Actually I feel sorry for the guy. Too bad he's not better on the outside. He'd actually be a better star and people would like him better. I'm not talking s—; that's just the plain truth.”