Kurt Angle Replies To Allegations Made By IFL, Shamrock

The following are some quotes from an interview with Kurt Angle over at JarryPark.com responding to Ken Shamrock's statements about him turning down a fight against him for a future IFL show:

“That’s because they tried to force a fight with me and Ken [Shamrock] in two and a half months. [It’s] not enough time to take off from TNA [Wrestling] and train for a fight. They rushed it…I would have never been ready. They didn’t care. He just wanted PPV buys.”

Angle continued:

“They are only trying to push my buttons – to start another angle. My rep in MMA is that I back out. No I don’t. Usually they back out of the deal because of my price. I want giant money. Usually they say they will pay me what I want then they change it and tell me they will pay me on the back end. I want it up front PERIOD.”


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