Lesnar Has Minor Surgery, May Not Be Out Of The Woods Yet

MMAJunkie.com has been following Dana Whites Twitter and has this story:

While rumors seem to be more widespread than actual facts in the recent health struggles of UFC heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar, UFC president Dana White today shared the latest via his official Twitter account.

“Leaving Bismarck, N.D. right now,” White stated. “Brock had minor surgery and is feeling better.”

On Monday, White told the Associated Press that Lesnar is currently suffering from a bacterial infection in his intestinal track in addition to the mononucleosis that has recently plagued the sidelined heavyweight champ.

While White didn't release details of the procedure, he did state that Lesnar could perhaps be facing further treatment.

“Not 100 percent sure he is out of the woods, but feeling better,” White stated.

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