Lindland Fights Dec., Angle To IFL?, Lesnar/UFC Note

Matt Lindland to Fight in Dec., Attended IFL Finals


Sid Needelman Reporting…

Matt Lindland was in attendance at the IFL Finals earlier this week. He was seen talking with Kurt Angle and others throughout the weigh-ins and event. While talking with Lindland, Kurt Angle announced his intention to work with the IFL some day. He also dropped not-so-hidden hints that Brock Lesnar, fellow pro-wrestler, had signed with the UFC.

Do not expect to see Angle fight any time soon. However, Matt is scheduled to fight for BodogFight in December. Against whom? He does not know or so he claims, but seems honest about that. Bodog currently seems to be busy with a few other events, and webpage problems anyways. The orginization was recently trying to put Nick Thompson on the Strikeforce Playboy Mansion card.

When asked about Russia, Matt was very happy to say how much he enjoyed his fight there. He had been in Russia four times in his life, and St. Petersburg twice. Matt Lindland said that he loves the city and found it to be a great honor to go to the Presidential Palace after the fight.