Local Fighter Starts MMA Legalization Project

Press Release:

ALL IN MMA, Bringing Martial Arts Competition to the World

Friday, November 17th, 2006: For Immediate Release:

Local Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) Fighter Lauren Feldman Aims To Make National Presence

As a result of stifled sports & entrepreneurship compounded with outdated government policies, female Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fighter Lauren Feldman wants to legalize MMA competition in every state to establish opportunities for all MMA enthusiasts; specifically women & children. This focus begins in the United States after which it will move into the international marketplace.

Feldman has created an on-line petition to unite the MMA community towards this goal. After only 15 minutes of being online, responses started coming in, and have not stopped.

Her next step will be to create the Legal Mayhem Fight League, consisting of competitors chosen from schools across the nation. Publicized through the establishment of the Legal Mayhem Reality TV Show, the Legal Mayhem Fight League will showcase the trials and tribulations of these men, women, and children who strive to excel in the sport of MMA. Judges will visit MMA training centers in chosen cities across the nation in order to find the best amateur and professional athletes. Ultimately, this documentation will be used to educate athletic commissions and the community, that MMA competition and training can be done safely and in a positive atmosphere. Prospects are documented with the hopes of eventually airing in HD on both national television & streaming website video.

“The goal is to create a league of our own” smiles Feldman (a confident woman who unwinds after work by training her mind and body with the help of MMA coach, Brad Daddis).

“…involvement in sports can solve everything from depression and obesity to smoking and abuse. When people overcome their own physical and mental boundaries in the gym, they become winners and leaders with no limitations.” Feldman believes that the current MMA community does not see women and children as the athletes they are; this will change.

Two certification programs that Feldman & her company, All-In-MMA, are developing, address a huge need currently ignored:

1) The Legal Mayhem School program which ensures that children both learn the essential components of martial arts: discipline, honesty, & respect for themselves and others. Physical fitness and character strength come easy when these are instilled.
2) The Legal Mayhem Fight Club which will provide athletes interested in entering the sport with training and competition on an amateur level. This will help create the experience and skill necessary to progress to a full-time professional and respectful career as an MMA fighter.

Feldman looks forward to a time where anyone, in any state, at any skill level, can find an opponent, and a proper arena to compete in MMA; this includes herself! The largest controversy is not that you put your children into an MMA competition, or that two females have entered a cage to battle it out; but that there's not enough room on the fight card for every athlete who applied.

Visit the website at www.all-in-mma.com

Please contact her directly for more information at 610-217-3575 or contact her partner, Stuart Weinstein, at 416-519-1161, email: [email protected]