Lyoto Machida Says The Strategy Doesn't Work All The Time

UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Lyoto Machida talks to about his performance against Shogun at UFC 104:

“Every time you go in there, you always want to try and make the fans happy, and it’s a little depressing when they don’t cheer for you, when they boo you. I didn’t really feel too much on the rib cage, but the legs, I started to feel it on the inside of one of my legs, and it was bothering me. I was a hundred percent, but sometimes when you get in there, you’re strategy doesn’t always work exactly like you planned it to. I would have liked to perform better, but it happens sometimes. I was looking to finish the fight whenever I could, but it showed that Shogun came very well prepared for this fight. I was constantly trying to find openings to finish the fight, but unfortunately, I didn’t get that. It’s just going to motivate me to train harder and I can guarantee you I’m going to put a better performance next time.”

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