Lyoto To Debut At UFC 67 Versus Sam Hoger

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Sam Hoger vs. Ryoto Machida at UFC 67

UFC 67 is right around the corner on February 3rd in Las Vegas. A while back, soon after it was announced that Quinton Jackson had signed with the UFC, I brought up the possibility of Sam Hoger being Quinton’s first UFC fight.

This was, of course, before it was announced that Jackson would be fighting Marvin Eastman. Well, now I’ve gotten confirmation that Sam Hoger will be fighting Ryoto Machida at UFC 67. Machida has an 8-0 MMA record, and some critics think that he can be a force in the light heavyweight rankings. Personally, I’ve seen Machida fight a few times, and he has done nothing that spectacular to impress me. He does hold victories over Vernon White, Rich Franklin, Stephan Bonnar, and B.J. Penn. (The victory over Penn was in K-1.)

Should be an interesting fight. I’ve never really been able to figure out Sam Hoger and whether or not he is a decent MMA fighter. I look for Machida to take this fight, and hopefully look more impressive than he did in his last fight with the WFA.