M1 Global To Black Out Fedor Vs. Aoki Grappling Match

From Sherdog.com:

While M-1 Challenge team matchups between Spain vs. France, USA West vs. South Korea, and England vs. host country Japan will be streamed live to non-U.S. audiences at www.Mixfight.ru, Fedor vs. Aoki will not be broadcast live.

Live streaming of Wednesday's event will not be available to viewers in the U.S. due to rights issues pertaining to M-1 Global's television deal with HDNet, which retains the U.S. broadcast rights of the M-1 Challenge.

Instead of making Aoki vs. Fedor available to everyone but U.S. fight fans, M-1 Global executives have decided to black Fedor vs. Aoki out from Wednesday's stream so that everyone will be able to view it at the same time.

Fans will be able to access Fedor vs. Aoki on a video-on-demand basis start Monday, May 4 at M-1's English-language website at www.M-1Global.com and its Russian-language website at www.Mixfight.ru.