Marcus Davis Looking For Sponsors For UFC 75 Fight

Joseph F. Cavallaro sent along the following:

My name is Joe Cavallaro. I have a fight management company out of Boston, MA. I presently manage UFC fighters Drew Fickett, Marcus Davis, Kevin Jordan, and Sam Hogar, as well as a bunch of up-and-coming guys.

I have Marcus Davis fighting on UFC 75 CHAMPION VS CHAMPION – 09/08/2007 @ O2 Arena, London.
We are looking for sponsors for this fight. Marcus is on a nine fight winning streak. His last four have been in the UFC. He won his last fight via knock out in the first round, and the UFC presented him with the knock-out of the night bonus. Please let me know if this is something you are interested in. I can be reached by phone at 617-794-0516.

Thank you,
Joe Cavallaro

Sponsors out there looking to work with Marcus Davis for the UFC 75 fight, contact Joseph Cavallaro via email at [email protected].