Matt Hamills Post Fight Comments

From Matts Myspace:

“I wanted to thank you for all your support following UFC 75. I put a lot of heart into that fight and I feel good about my performance. I am still improving and getting better with more training and to become a well-rounded fighter. I am looking forward to more fights in the near future. PS I want to thank you all for the emails. I have thousands and its hard to respond to all of them but I do try to read them when I have free time and it lifts my spirit. So thank you.”

I have to be honest about this one. Matt Hamill is one of the most humble guys in the sport. I like the guy and hope that he goes far. He's an inspiration and that, no one can take away from him. Win or lose he came out looking like the better fighter in the Bisping fight and I think he has gained many fans because of his attitude after the fact. – Your #1 Source for Boxing and UFC Equipment. Updated Health & Fitness Blog (>>) – New Hiphop News Site :: Tons of Industry News & Rumors (>>)