Mayhem Has Harsh Words For BJJ Fans Following DREAM 9

Jason “Mayhem” Miller on “Jacare” and BJJ fans following his controversial finish at DREAM 9 via the UG:

“lol @ you lames.

It was a mistake. Jacare calls me a clown and disrespects me all the time, headbutted me and opened a cut on my eye. If he could've done it to me, he would have. I'll beat the shit out of him legally next time. What's he gonna do? Submit me? LOL Kayo me? LMMFAO.

Brazillian nuthuggers can suck my mother fuckin dick, that gets more pussy than any one of you could imagine, due to my MTV show, my good looks, and my tons of money.

How is that for classy? Oh you know what, I don't give a fuck what you think, I'm the fucking man. Hey CRE, what was your down syndrome Brazillian gonna break? NOTHING. Bitch ass had me on the ground for 3 seconds.

Let me get my bread for fucking him up in a rematch, and watch you all cry about how I “don't respect the sport.” In the words of Dana White, “Fuck you you fucking c***.”

Go jerk off to TUF.


— MayheM (Bully Beatdown, CraZY mAN)