NSAC Chairman Confirms “Real Discussions” For Mayweather vs. McGregor Fight

Reports on Monday which appeared to claim that Conor McGregor vs Floyd Mayweather Jr. had agreed to terms on a potential fight.

While no official announcements have yet to be made by either party, fans are anticipating an announcement soon. Brett Okamoto of ESPN has added weight to claims that the fight is ready to materialize. According to reports from Okamoto, the Nevada State Athletic Commission Chairman confirmed on Tuesday that negotiations were in order, and numbers were pretty high for the bout:

NSAC Chairman Anthony Marnell also added that money would be the (unsurprisingly) deciding factor in thrashing out an agreement:

“I’m confirming that real people are having real discussions,” Marnell said. “I’m also telling you my opinion as the Nevada Athletic Commission chairman that a lot of things need to get done in order to see something like this come together because there are so many parties that want to get their hands on the pot.

“Maybe it will get figured out, but it’s going to be hard when everyone is declaring they want $100 million. That’s not what I said — that’s what they’ve said. That’s their quotes, not mine. If everyone wants $100 million, that’s a lot of $100 millions to go around.”

There has yet to be any official line from Mayweather Jr, Conor McGregor or Dana White on events.