Jose Aldo: “Piece of Sh*t’ Conor McGregor Has no Fans Outside of Ireland”

Conor McGregor & Jose Aldo

Aldo launches a blistering attack on McGregor stating that the UFC lightweight champion’s reputation is “bruised”.

Aldo is most recently remembered for his stunning knockout loss in 13 seconds against McGregor at UFC 194. “Scarface” lost his UFC featherweight crown to “The Notorious” and suffered his only UFC loss at the fight in December 2015. McGregor’s stock soared following the victory, which preceded record breaking pay-per-view (PPV) fights against Nate Diaz, and the capturing of the 155 pound title when he beat Eddie Alvarez at UFC 205 to become the first simulatenous, two-weight title holder in the promotion’s history.

Prior to their rescheduled bout at UFC 194, McGregor took UFC trash-talking into a whole new domain as he ripped, poked and jibed the Brazilian across a world-wide tour from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil to Dublin, Ireland.  Aldo has been accused of bad sportsmanship following his loss, where he has repeatedly lashed out at the Dubliner and questioned his merits as champion. According to a UFC official statement, McGregor relinquished his title voluntarily, which led to Aldo being reinstated as champion at 145 pounds.

The Brazilian featherweight champion spoke with Britain’s The Daily Mail recently, and showed no signs of recovery from his 13 second loss to the UFC lightweight champion. Aldo also brushed off suggestions that the Irishman could meet Floyd Mayweather Jr. in a boxing match, claiming that the UFC have the final say on any fight activity McGregor is a part of:

“It will never happen. This will only happen if the UFC wants to. It could be against Mayweather or anyone else, if a fighter has a contract with the UFC, nobody can go over the UFC,” SAID ALDO.

The man who will square off with Max Holloway in a featherweight unification title-fight in the summer also bizarrely claimed that McGregor as no followers outside of Ireland:

“McGregor’s reputation is already bruised. The only ones who like him are the Irish people, no one else.

‘If you ask in Brazil or in any other country, nobody cheers for him, no one considers him a champion, they always consider him a piece of s**t,” he added.

While Aldo is showing no signs of relenting with this latest diatribe, he will soon have his attention turned towards the important matter of defending the title which was handed back to him following McGregor’s “relinquishing” of the belt.

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