Michael Bisping Unimpressed By Dan Henderson, Critics

Michael Bisping talks to Setana Sports about his American counterpart on TUF 9:

“I’ll prove you wrong at UFC 100 … people always say I’m going to lose my fights – people always call me the underdog. Maybe one day people will actually predict me to win. I actually like the role of underdog, it’s nice proving people wrong, and I WILL be proving `certain journalists’ wrong at UFC 100… To be honest, maybe I’m underestimating him but I don’t think I’ve got a lot to worry about. He’s got a big right hand and great clinch work, but outside of that I’ve got him beat. Having watched the Henderson/Franklin fight again, I have to say I wasn’t impressed at all. His striking looked sloppy, he fell on his arse a couple of times from kicks, landed a couple of big right hands but that was it really…. He’s never been knocked out in his career, it’d be nice to be the first, I’m definitely looking to finish the fight. I’ve been improving my explosive strength, you’ll definitely see the best Michael Bisping at UFC 100 and I’m going there to knock him out.”