Mike Wessel Rips In Rampage Jackson, Talks Kimbos Training

From Heavy.com:

The reason I get pissed off at Rampage is because he's supposed to be a coach, and I used to be a coach as well. When Demico lost the way he did, Rampage started feeling sorry for himself. You could hear him saying things like, “Do I have bad luck?”, and, “I can't believe he tapped out to that bullshit”. I remember he said something like, “I would never lose like that”. Really Rampage? Really? You're going to act like that big of a douche because one of your guys lost, even though he fought good? Demico went in there and surprised a lot of people, and lost, but who cares. Everybody loses. What did you do after your last loss Rampage? You went on a f***ing cocaine rage and stayed up all damn night before you were driving your monster truck with a big logo on it through white f***ing suburbia. Running from the cops where they had to shoot out your f***ing tires. Then Dana had to come down and bail your ass out and send you to England so the media wouldn't eat your ass apart, so you would still have a f***ing career.

Special bonus quote, he talks about Kimbo Slice's training regime:

I guarantee you that his manager Icy Mike doesn't have a f***ing clue about what Roy's all about, but if he had a clue about MMA, he would have gotten Kimbo some f***ing training. I was sitting on the back porch with Kimbo and he was talking to me and a few of the other guys, and Kimbo was like, “Man, I have to learn what you guys do. I have to do what you guys are doing”, and this was after he lost to Roy. So I asked him the question, 'How many times have you practiced Jiu-Jitsu? How do you train?', and he says, “I did one practice about three months ago”. I said, 'You don't f***ing do it every day? I do it sometimes twice a day'. He goes, “No man”. So that just goes to show that all of the people around him are all about the money and not about the f***ing sport. If they wanted Kimbo to have any kind of longevity, after they got that $500,000 for the Seth Petruzelli fight, they would have gotten him some Jiu-Jitsu. Now supposedly he's training out of ATT in Florida, and I don't even know if they're training him down there, because if Kimbo doesn't want to learn Jiu-Jitsu, Kimbo's not going to learn Jiu-Jitsu.