Miletich Confirms Hughes' Departure From MFS

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You know a sport is maturing when institutions come to an end.

In Iowa, one of the world’s most prolific coaches has bid farewell to one of his star pupils – former UFC Welterweight Champion Matt Hughes has amicably split from longtime mentor Pat Miletich to start his own fight team, with plans to open a gym out of his home state of Illinois.

“Matt’s been with me for almost a decade,” said Miletich on Fight Network Radio today. “We’ve had a lot of great years together. This is a natural progression for guys to eventually go out on their own.”

The Hughes Intensive Training (H.I.T.) Squad jettisoned from the 32-year-old’s recent portrayal as a coach on “The Ultimate Fighter 6,” which begins airing Sept. 19 on Spike TV. On the series, Hughes enlisted the services of fellow Miletich stablemate Robbie Lawler, longtime boxing coach Matt Pena, and wrestling/conditioning teacher Rob Fiore. Fiore, the Greco-Roman coach for the World Class Athlete Program (Army) from 1996-2002, says the experience motivated the four to collaborate on the new enterprise, with the financial support of Alton, Ill. attorney Jeff Cooper.

The Granite City, Ill. gym will be located approximately 40 minutes from Hughes’ farm, where he lives with his wife and two children. Miletich, for one, is supportive of the move.

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