MMANEWS.COM BLOG: UFC 116 Moneyline Pick Of The Night

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The following is an excerpt from a new Blog by John Specht:

UFC 116 Underdog Pick Of The Night

Hard to believe we've waited this long for what is the biggest (no pun intended)fight of the year, but we are finally on the doorstep of Carwin vs. Lesnar at UFC 116 this Saturday night.

In my opinion, it's equally hard to believe that Shane “The Engineer” Carwin will be coming in as the underdog against a fighter built on alot of hype. Less fights. Less wins. Less power.

But it's for this reason exactly that Cawin is this installments “moneyline underdog pick of the night.”

Normally, when I do a moneyline betting post, I go over 3-4 of the top underdog picks on the card for that night. The magnitude of this fight being what it is though, I chose to just focus on the main event, and what will have fans talking for years.

Let's get right to it…

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