Exclusive: The WCO Makes Move To Japan

Chris Howie reporting:

After the sudden cancellation of their January 12th show, the World Cagefighting Organization will look to bounce back in the Japanese market with their next event entitled “Unbreakable”

A recent deal has been inked between The WCO and Japanese businessman Nori Igawa, a private venture capitalist looking to bring MMA excitement back to the people of Japan. “The goal is to replace Pride and give the Japanese fans another top organization to be excited about. I believe The WCO'S vision deserves to be realized” said Igawa.

Plans are to start where Pride left off. “We are not looking to start slow, said Bruce Bellocchi, President of The WCO. We want to make a statement. It should have happened on January 12th. It's going to happen now! Everyone who stuck with The WCO is going to be rewarded in a big way! All of those fighters who stuck us and believed in us will be rewarded with big fat contracts! All of the people who ran for the hills during the tough time we encountered can go to hell. What can I say, I am bitter about all of the mud that has been thrown around but success is the sweetest revenge!”

It should also be noted that proceeds of the January 12th event were going to go to the San Diego firefighters but with the unfortunate cancellation of the show that plan fell through. Bellocchi has plans to follow up on his original idea and have proceeds from the next WCO go to the SDFD