Interview With Jason “MayheM” Miller (12/12/07)'s own Chris Howie recently caught up with the always entertaining and sometimes just plain weird Jason “MayheM” Miller to discuss his upcoming bout with Tim Kennedy at HDNet Fights' “Reckless Abandon” show on December 15th, among a number of other topics. Below is a complete transcript of the interview, which was conducted on Tuesday, December 12, 2007.


Chris Howie of This is Chris Howie with and today I am speaking with one of the most flamboyant fighters in MMA today, Jason “MayheM” Miller. How are you today Jason?

Jason “MayheM” Miller: Fabulous. How has training gone for your fight this weekend?

Jason “MayheM” Miller: Well, it's about finished right now, all I can do is drill and get ready. I'm in great shape and every other generic phrase a fighter could possibly give going into a fight. Are you where you need to be weight wise?

Jason “MayheM” Miller: Right now I'm about 75 pounds over weight. [laughs] So you have a little bit of cutting to do in these next few days?

Jason “MayheM” Miller: Yeah. It will mostly consist of dropping my backpack that is filled with plate weights. I carry them around all the time to make me stronger. That would help with many different aspects of your strength. Does it add to your self proclaimed “retard strength”?

Jason “MayheM” Miller: No my “retard strength” comes naturally. Are you looking forward to the rematch with Tim Kennedy?

Jason “MayheM” Miller: Of course. Revenge is the sweetest dish, especially when it is served cold with lemon-butter sauce. That sounds delicious.

Jason “MayheM” Miller: Oh it is, that's not something you can pick up at Olive Garden. Did switching opponents up effect training any? Did it bother you that there was a switch?

Jason “MayheM” Miller: Yes, everything bothers me. Even minor inconveniences like parking at the mall bother me. So would you compare parking at the mall to changing opponents?

Jason “MayheM” Miller: Yes, it is very similar in that there are fat women watching you. No fatties allowed?

Jason “MayheM” Miller: Not for me. They are an unnessacary evil. Who helped you prepare for this fight?

Jason “MayheM” Miller: Umm, I don't know. I don't feel like name dropping right now so I can't tell you. But you're training went well?

Jason “MayheM” Miller: Oh yeah. MEH! Pardon me?

Jason “MayheM” Miller: Oh nothing. I just went “MEH!” Are you happy to be working with HDNet Fights?

Jason “MayheM” Miller: I don't really know yet. I haven't really worked with them other than being on their television show one time. Do you have a contract with them?

Jason “MayheM” Miller: Yeah I have a three fight contract that is non-exclusive. With Frank Trigg fighting with HDNet would the possibility of a rematch interest you?

Jason “MayheM” Miller: Absolutely. I get an erection just thinking about it. With the chance to avenge a loss to Tim Kennedy this weekend, are there any other losses that you would like the chance to get back?

Jason “MayheM” Miller: Umm, no, not off the top of my head. Have you ever been contacted by the UFC to fight for them? Possibly add some flare to their middleweight division?

MayheM fights for HDNets on 12/15 …

Jason “MayheM” Miller: Who? [laughs] Okay. What were your thoughts on Sean Salmon's injury taking him out of his fight with you?

Jason “MayheM” Miller: He's not in the fight. Those are my thoughts. I hope he was paid a lot of money for that. I don't think it was a smart move on his managers' behalf to put him in there. Even if it wasn't against that tough kid [Jorge Santiago] he fought against, you still can't expect to go into a tournament and come out without any injuries. You are going to get some bumps and bruises. I read a post by Salmon that said it came down to him and Dennis Hallman to fill the open spot and Hallman had something going on with American Top Team that said he would never fight their fighters, so it came down to Salmon being the one to go in.

Jason “MayheM” Miller: He didn't have to do shit though but I guess that's the buisness. I've been accused of listening to my management too much. What are your plans after the fight this weekend?

Jason “MayheM” Miller: I hope to fight again in February. On the next HDNet card on Feb. 15th?

Jason “MayheM” Miller: Yup. What do you do on your free time when you arn't training for fights?

Jason “MayheM” Miller: I like to listen to talk radio or maybe call into talk radio if at all possible. I do a show with Jason Ellis on Sirius Satelitte radio. I'm very radio-related these days. How do you like doing the show?

Jason “MayheM” Miller: It's the coolest experience of my life. It's cooler than watching my first born baby. Do you even have kids?

Jason “MayheM” Miller: No. Do you? Yes, two of them. What else does “MayheM” like to do to kill time?

Jason “MayheM” Miller: I like to play video games. I like to do grappling competition and box-jumping. I also like to jump off buildings and snowboard. I like to cruise men in airport bathrooms? Cruise men?

Jason “MayheM” Miller: Yeah, it's a gay term but you wouldn't understand it because you are a breeder. [laughs] Any favorite video games?

Jason “MayheM” Miller: Assassins Creed is a good one. I also enjoy Halo 3 from time-to-time. I also like free-roaming adventure games where you can do whatever the hell you want. Yeah the new Grand Theft Auto should be cool.

Jason “MayheM” Miller: Agreed. Interested in an off-beat question from a “MayheM Monkey” on our forums?

Jason “MayheM” Miller: Yeah, sure. “Would you have sex with Oprah Winfrey at the half time show of the super bowl for $100,000?”

Jason “MayheM” Miller: Of course, why the hell not? If you offer me money to do something like that, $100,000, of course I'd do it and with it being Oprah, I mean, at the end of the day she's still a woman and on top of that my girlfriend loves Oprah so if I plowed her my girlfriend probably wouldn't stop sniffing my fingers for a week. [laughs] That's some funny shit right there Jason.

Jason “MayheM” Miller: Yeah, that was top quality wasn't it? Grade-A! Is the way the fans see Jason Miller the way you are all day, everyday?

Jason “MayheM” Miller: If you talk to anyone circa 1987 they'll probably tell you this was the life I would choose. I'm a permanent six year old. I do the same function every day, eat, sleep, piss, fight, and pinch a nasty loaf. You have a birthday coming up soon. Excited for that?

Jason “MayheM” Miller: No, I've never had a birthday party and I don't think this will be the year. What are you thinking moments before a fight?

Jason “MayheM” Miller: Hmmm. I don't know. I try to think of stupid songs that arn't relevant to the situation at hand. I don't like Slipknot songs before a fight, I'm thinking something wacky like “Here I am, rock you like a hurricane….COME ON, COME ON, COME ON!” [laughs] Good god. Ok Jason, I appreciate you taking the time to speak with me today and good luck Saturday.

Jason “MayheM” Miller: Excellent.


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