Recap: UFC Fight Night Conference Call 3/31


Chris Howie Reporting:

UFC Fight Night Conference Call

Joe Lauzon and Kenny Florian are on call the. Dana White was scheduled to be one but was busy on another call.

Jennifer Wenk hosted the call today

-Lauzon and Florian were asked about whether they wanted to fight standing or on the mat. Lauzon said that this will be a very aggressive fight and could end up anywhere more or less. He says that his grappling skills are much better than his striking skills and although Kenny has been doing BJJ longer than him he is no fish out of water on the ground. Says that the KO over Jens Pulver helped his confidence a lot.

-Lauzon says he has a little dj vu going into this fight with Kenny because he is a big underdog similar to when he fought Pulver.

-Florian says he is ready to fight anywhere in the cage. He has trained hard for this fight and will be prepared for everywhere.

-Kenny puts over all his coaches and how the coaches he has are some of the best in the world and have the best minds in the world.

-both fighters asked if they would ever move up to welterweight. Florian says that he is focused on the lightweight division. Thinks that a fight with Roger Huerta or Frankie Edgar would be great. Says that he is ready for a title fight at anytime. Lauzon says that he is ready to fight anyone at anytime, whoever the UFC puts in front of him.

-Lauzon is asked about his relationship with Florian. Says that he took a seminar from Kenny a few years ago and talks about being behind him fully when he was on TUF1. They are friendly with each other but have never really trained together or rolled together.

-Both guys are asked about what kind of advice they would give someone that is starting out on TUF. Florian says to stay focused and keep your eyes on the prize. Lauzon says that it sucks being in that house but to stay focused and it will pay off on the end

-Both guys being on a win streak is mentioned. Both guys talk about how being on a win streak can be helpful because you are going into this fight thinking about those wins.

-Lauzon talks about how on paper Florian outmatches him and he is the underdog. He feels that if he wins that great it looks good because he wasn’t suppose to and if he doesn’t than it’s not so bad because he was the underdog going in anyway.

-Kenny talks about his strength and conditioning coach, Kevin Kearns and all the ways in which he has helped him get prepared for this fight. He was always pushing him and helped change his game completely.

-They were asked if they would rather fight on Spike or PPV, Kenny says that he loves fighting on spike because more fans can get to see him fight. Same for Lauzon he says he likes fighting on Spike because he has lots of friends that can catch him fighting on Spike that might not buy the PPV.

-Both are asked if they would consider fielding offers from other organizations but both say they are happy with the UFC and will be staying there. Lauzon talks about how with guys leaving the UFC it’s good for competition.

-They were asked if the altitude in Colorado will effect there training. Lauzon said he got to CO 2 weeks ago to prepare for the change and Florian did the same. They talk about just getting use to the recovery time between rounds and getting use to the breathing.


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