Monson Not Fighting On Bitetti Combat 5 On 10/12, Has Prior Fight

We had previously reported that Jeff Monson would be appearing on the Dec. 12th Bitetti Combat 5 card from Brazil in a bout against Glover Texeira but a representive for Monson contacted today to let us know that in fact Monson would not be fighting on the card in Brazil and had never been presented with a contract for the fight with Texeira.

Monson instead, will be fighting on Dec. 12th in Alabama against Travis Fulton on the “Alabama Pride” card which is set to feature mid 90's rap superstar Coolio, who may be most famous for living in a “Gangstas Paradise”, in an exibition kickboxing bout with Eric Martinez.

Coolio was a fill for DMX would decided to drop out of the bout when promoters would not fix his fight.

Which fight would you rather see?

Monson fight Glover Texeira in Brazil or Travis Fulton in Alabama?

Check us out on Facebook and let us know who you would have rathered seen Monson face on Dec. 12th.

And check out Thunder Promotions who will be broadcasting the card live online.

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