More Notes From Yesterday's IFL Conference Call


IFL Conference Call (bullet point notes):

-5 champions/5 different weight classes crowned on Dec. 29th at the Mohegan Sun

-title defenses will happen during team events. this means you could have anywhere from 1 to 4 title defenses at one show.

-if fighter loses during his regular season fight he will lose belt but he will not lose his grand prix title.

-there are talks to offer live TV for the world grand prix. if they can not get it on live they are going to try and get it out as quick as possible to the public.

-Otto has spoken to other organizations about working together.

-thinks the UFC would be open to having champion VS champion fights to prove that they are the best.

-believes MMA needs the IFL.

– likes the rivalries that are created between the different teams such as portland and seattle.

– unfortunate that Horodecki was hurt and will miss the semis. but there is a chance he could be back if the anacondas move to the finals.

– not worried that the belts could water down the season.

– there is a possibility there could be fan voting in the future to pick the all-stars.

– Ian Freeman WILL have team next season.

– 12 teams may be modified with new coaches and such.

– possible expansion to other countries.

– has had calls from investors wanting to purchase teams.

– wants to implement steroid policies.

– plans for prelim fights with guys that didnt make the grand prix.

– no plans for superfights right now. there will be big fights when the time is right.