More On UFC 79 Situation, Hughes-Fitch Interim Title?

The following is an update from on the UFC 79 replacement situation regarding the Matt Serra vs. Matt Hughes fight:

If Serra can come back by March, one would presume Hughes wouldn't fight on this show. If it's longer, UFC may have to do something with the title, and in that case, Hughes would fight someone new. Jon Fitch is the first person in line, and Thiago Alves may be second if Fitch doesn't take it and they need an opponent. Having Hughes fight now in an interim title match will save April in Montreal against Georges St. Pierre, but it may be too early to strip Serra. Serra's doctors haven't even given him an estimate of when he'll be ready. They are hoping for an estimate by the weekend, and at that point, Hughes and UFC will have to make their decisions. Everything will be decided within a few days, but right now, it's all on hold.

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