Morrison & Salmon Win MMA Fights In Ohio

The following are quick-match results from the NAAFS – Fight Night in the Flats III show from Cleveland, Ohio on June 9:

-Joe McCall def. Justin Black via Split Decision after 3 Rounds.
-Sonny Marchette and Dan Swift fought to a No-Contest.
-John Soeder def. Tiawan Howard via Submission (armbar) in Round 1.
-Joe Heiland def. Jacob Eaton via TKO in Round 2.
-Dave Herman def. Andre Mussi via TKO in Round 1.
-Jason Dent def. Mike Bogner via Submission (arm-triangle) in Round 1.
-Sean Salmon def. Jason Freeman via Submission (keylock) in Round 1.
-Dan Bobbish def. Nate Eddy via TKO in Round 1.
-Tommy Morrison def. John Stover via TKO in Round 1.

Morrison's fight was stand-up only and the only strikes allowed were punches. What? Yeah, he got a boxing match inside a cage with smaller gloves against an unknown, and was promoted as his MMA debut. I'm just glad this is over with and we can all get back to talking about real MMA again. On this site, Morrison belongs one newsboard lower (and even that's a stretch anymore).