Nate Diaz On Why He Doesn’t Ever Want To Fight On Same Card As Nick Diaz

In addition to all of his talk about the potential Conor McGregor rematch and rumored McGregor vs. Floyd Mayweather boxing match, longtime UFC contender and rising star Nate Diaz spoke about some other topics during his special interview with Ariel Helwani on “The MMA Hour” at earlier this week.

Among the other topics was one about the reason why Nate doesn’t ever want to share a fight card with his brother, fellow longtime UFC star Nick Diaz.

“I don’t like to fight on the same card as anyone I train with, or my brother, especially,” Diaz said during his special interview with Helwani on Wednesday afternoon.

“I think fighting is a selfish sport,” Diaz continued. “You ain’t got time to think about anybody else but yourself, you know? For the training leading up to that fight, it should be all about you, a little bit. Or whoever is the guy fighting.”

“Fight night should all be about you and what you gotta do, and you shouldn’t have to be worrying about anyone else,” Diaz said. “Otherwise, you’re not going to be focused on yourself. I don’t want that sh*t going on in my head.”

Diaz also spoke about whether or not he feels his brother Nick Diaz, who is serving a Nevada Athletic Commission suspension for a positive marijuana test, will ever return to the fight world in the future.

“I think he will [return],” Diaz said. “There’s needs to be, Nick’s a big deal, a special human being, a special badass. There aren’t many made like him. I can’t predict what he’ll do, he’s so unpredictable. Even for me, and I know him better than most people. I still have no f*cking clue what he’s going to do.”