Nate Diaz Says Anthony Pettis, Eddie Alvarez Don’t Want To Fight Him

After UFC 188 on Saturday night, Nate Diaz spoke about his fellow Cesar Gracie team member Gilbert Melendez’s performance against Eddie Alvarez, and as always, dropped a gem or two in the process.

“Gilbert Melendez won rounds one and two,” said Diaz after the fight, which Melendez ended up losing via split decision. “I don’ think Alvarez did much of anything so I don’t know how he won that fight. He broke his face. Sh*t, his whole face is broken. Melendez was ready to go afterwards and Eddie was in the hospital. You tell me how that works.”

Diaz also spoke about Alvarez calling him out, claiming both he and Anthony Pettis want nothing to do with the Stockton native.

“He said he wants to see me next. Does he want that? Obviously not. He’s at the hospital. If any of these guys [Pettis, Alvarez] want to man up and fight the real fighter then we can get it. But I don’t think anyone wants that, so …”