Nate Diaz: Dana White a ‘F*cker’ Who ‘Can’t Stop Making Up Sh*t About Me’


Nate Diaz has taken to Twitter to respond to recent comments made by UFC President Dana White regarding his alleged reluctance to accept fights.

Diaz looks to have taken White’s comments to heart, which is bound to fan the flames on a relationship between promoter and fighter which has never exactly appeared to be rock solid in nature.

With Nate Diaz and older brother Nick in a state of exile at the moment, fans of Stockton’s most famous siblings have been itching for an indication of both brothers’ return to the octagon. Addressing questions relating to the ongoing absence of the ‘209 from the UFC, White recently stated that both men had been turning down all fights offered to them. If younger brother Nate is to be believed, he has not been offered any fights by the promotion “except the one I laughed at” (which allegedly was against former UFC lightweight champion Eddie Alvarez).

Diaz brother Jr has in the recent past been vocal about his reluctance to enter the cage for anything less than a “big money fight”, having seen his financial situation greatly improved following his two bouts against UFC cash-cow Conor McGregor. Despite this, Diaz has still taken offence to White’s recent comments, and responded on Monday with the tweet below:

With this latest development almost odds on to create further friction between Camp Diaz and the UFC President Dana White, fans cannot be blamed for adopting a more cynical approach to a return to the UFC for either Diaz Brother.

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