NBA Star Shaquille O'Neal Training In MMA

Shaq Training MMA

Sid Needelman found the following from the Miami Herald

“After an offseason of punching, kicking and wrestling those in his way, it's no surprise Heat center Shaquille O'Neal arrived Monday for training camp in a fighting mood. But not even a summer of mixed martial arts training could convince his teammates that O'Neal would report motivated and in mid-season condition until he showed up for another seemingly obscure venture.
His regular job….

…Somehow, it ultimately led to boxing and mixed martial arts training in Orlando over the summer.
''I was a fan of it and just wanted to try something new,'' said O'Neal, who joked that he had a 77-0 sparring record. ''They say if you can go a couple of rounds in boxing, you can do anything. Guys [in the gym] started challenging me because I'm a basketball player. We started fighting and one thing led to another. There will be a couple of lawsuits coming you guys will hear about.''

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