Nevada Athletic Commission Approves Significant Changes To Their Drug Policy


On Friday, the Nevada Athletic Commission (NAC) approved strict guidelines and harsh penalties for drug offenses that will ultimately change the sport of MMA in many ways.

The new rules will officially go into effect on September 1 with the following proposed penalties being discussed, meaning some may end being altered a bit when all is said and done.

Sedatives, Muscle Relaxants, Sleep Aids, Anxiolytics, Opates, Cannabis:

1st offense: 9 months, 20-30% of purse
2nd offense: 12 months, 40-50% of purse
3rd offense: 2 years, 60-75% of purse
4th offense: Lifetime ban, 100% of purse

Diuretics Used To Cut Weight

1st offense: 12 months, 25-35% of purse
2nd offense: 2 years, 40-50% of purse
3rd offense: Lifetime ban, 100% of purse

Stimulants (amphetamines, cocaine, etc)

1st offense: 2 years, 35-45% of purse
2nd offense: 3 years, 50-60% of purse
3rd offense: Lifetime ban, 100% of purse

Anabolic Steroids (testosterone, HGH)

1st offense: 2 years, 40-50% of purse
2nd offense: 4 years, 60-75% of purse
3rd offense: Lifetime ban, 100% of purse

Avoiding Testing/Detection/Urine sample not of human origin or not of tested athlete, adulterants, drugs (incl. diuretics) used as masking agents

1st offense: 4 years, 50% of purse
2nd offense: lifetime ban, 100% of purse

In addition to Nevada, the NAC has announced that they will be reaching out to other state athletic commissions to recommend that they adopt the same policy.


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