New MMA Fight Magazine Debuts June 26, 2007

Chesty Kemper sent along the following:

Bluff Media to Launch New Mixed Martial Arts Magazine, FIGHT!

Atlanta, GA, April 10th, 2007 — Bluff Media is proud to announce the introduction of a groundbreaking new Mixed Martial Arts Magazine, FIGHT!

FIGHT! will revolutionize the way in which the most exciting and fastest growing sport on the planet, Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), is covered.

As MMA continues its assault on the mainstream, it is rapidly becoming the sports phenomenon of the 21st century as evidenced by 2006 PPV revenue and 2006 television ratings. FIGHT! will embody the spirit and passion of the millions of MMA fans that are both old and new to the sport of Mixed Martial Arts.

“As Mixed Martial Arts moves into the mainstream, the time is right for a magazine like FIGHT! by highlighting the sport’s outstanding competitors and personalities in ways never seen before. FIGHT! is bringing the highest standards of Sports Journalism to the great sport of MMA”, said Donovan Craig, FIGHT! Editor.

FIGHT! will be launched by an experienced team of journalists, photographers and contributors. FIGHT! is excited to bring an innovative design and provide cutting edge photography to the world of MMA while maintaining unprecedented levels of editorial excellence.

FIGHT! will feature contributions by the sports biggest names; current champions, past champions, industry insiders and established veterans. Articles will be written by the best journalists covering the sport and the distinctive and unique visual style of the magazine will appeal to both avid fight fans and the newer crossover audience that the sport has been so successfully attracting. FIGHT! is truly the magazine for everyone with an interest in the sport of Mixed Martial Arts.

The debut issue of FIGHT! will go on sale, June 26th 2007.

For more information about FIGHT! please contact Jimmy Shapiro at either 425-292-0425 or [email protected]

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