New Interview w/ UFC Fighter Rich Franklin's own Scott from the forums recently caught up with former UFC Middleweight champion and number one contender to the Anderson Silva-Nate Marquardt title-fight winner, Rich “Ace” Franklin. Below is a complete transcript of the interview.


Scott of I want to thank you Rich for taking the time to do this interview with I want to say great job against [Yushin] Okami. I heard Dana White saying if you beat Okami you got your title shot and it would be held in Ohio, how does it make you feel if you get to fight for the title in your hometown?

Rich Franklin: Fighting for the title in Cincinnati would be great, however I have heard some of the fans talk about me having “home field advantage.” If that is the consensus, I would rather fight somewhere else. Was Okami as strong as his past opponents made him out to be?

Rich Franklin: Not to me, and that was the first thing I told my cornermen after the first round. How many fights are left on your current UFC contract?

Rich Franklin: One fight. This is a question that everyone from wanted me to ask, what is up with the black eye, it seems at every fight you have one.

Rich Franklin: I did not have one for this fight, but it does seem to be a trademark thing for me. We joke about it in my camp…”if I don't have a black eye going into the fight, I must not be training hard enough.” Who do you think will win the upcoming Middleweight title fight between Anderson [Silva] and Nate [Marquardt]?

Franklin will be challenging the Silva-Marquardt winner for the Middleweight title…

Rich Franklin: I am not really sure, both are great fighters. How would you feel about a rematch down the road with “Lyoto” [Ryoto] Machida?

Rich Franklin: If that is a fight the fans want to see, then I would be more than happy to take that fight. How do you feel you match up with Dan Henderson, Matt Lindland, and Denis Kang.

Rich Franklin: This question could take many paragraphs to answer. You have asked me about three of the toughest 185 pound fighters in the world. Fighting any of them would not be an easy task. Fun for the fans, but not easy for me! How much longer do you plan on fighting?

Rich Franklin: I do not have a retirement date set in my head. Maybe three-to-four years, but it depends on how things go over the next couple of years…and whether or not my body slows down. What are some of your favorite movies?

Rich Franklin: Braveheart is my favorite movie. I would have to put Old School or Wedding Crashers as my top comedies, but I don't care much for horror movies. What are your favorite burger/pizza places?

Rich Franklin: My favorite pizza place is a family owned restaurant here in Cincy called Big Dog's. I eat burgers so infrequently, I am just happy to eat one. Again thanks Rich for taking the time to do this interview for and good luck with your future title shot. Have a good day.

Rich Franklin: Thanks, you too.

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